Lumos! Hi everyone!

The other day I made some lemon poppy-seed muffins šŸ˜€
I didn’t have a lemon to zest, so I replaced it with orange zest and used lemon juice.
So, they were lemon-orange poppy-seed muffins.
I only got to eat one because my sister’s cat, Holly, knocked the container off the counter and it shattered onto and into the muffins.
They were good while they lasted though.
Before we ate them, I did some pictures with a background.

These are probably the best food pics I’ve ever taken šŸ™‚

Also, on Wednesday I went in my front yard with my sister, Olive and we did a Golden Hour photoshoot.

We’re both pretty proud of the pics, even though it was freezing.

What do you think about the pics? It was freezing outside when we took them, but the results were worth it. Number one tip for pics like them? Shoot around the golden hour – right when the sun is setting or rising.