Hi people! Welcome to my DIY Tutorial for a Cute Lap Desk! I’m going on the longest road trip I’ve ever gone on (22 hours over 3 days, I think) and I wanted to make something useful. I thought about making a lap desk because I had been thinking about buying one. Then, my grandma gives me a nice cutting board that has a (big) crack. It sat in the garage for a while, and then I decided to use it for this project!

I’m not going to include how I stabilized my cutting board because I don’t know if yours is broken. Just in case, here is what I did – my dad and I cut some wood and drilled it into the cutting board to stabilize it.

Tutorial – Cute Lap Desk

You will need –

  • Scrap wood or cutting board for the base (size is your choice, but check to make sure it will fit your computer or other stuff)
  • 2 rectangles of pretty fabric, a bit smaller sized than your wood board
  • Stuffing/fluff
  • Needle, pins, and thread
  • Paint and paintbrushes
  • Stapler Gun

Steps –

  1. Paint over any marks on the board with bright paint and patterns.
  2. Take your two fabric pieces and place them with the backside of the pattern facing out, and the good side facing in. Pin the pieces together so that they will stay in line.
  3. Thread your needle and knot the end. Stitch three of the sides (I used the running stitch, and put it near the edge – 2 long sides, 1 short side) and tie it off when you finish the third.
  4. Flip your case inside out so that the good side of the fabric is showing. Use your stuffing/fluff and stuff your pillow. Don’t fill it fully, and shape it a bit flat.
  5. Stitch the opening closed to finish your pillow.
  6. Line your pillow on the back of your wood. Take your staple gun and staple the sides to the wood, making the fabric a bit tight. Flip your lap desk over, and it’s complete!

I love it so much! I tested it out while writing it and it is super nice. Not only cute, but super cushy! I really loved painting it, but resisted the urge to cover the entire thing with designs.

So, I guess that’s it for this project! Thank you so much for reading my post. I’d really appreciate it if you commented, and I would love to chat about anything! Just like to say that I will not be active from Wednesday to Sunday this week, I’ll be in the car!

Again, remember to comment so I can see the people who are reading! I’m always open to talk Potter, of course, or answer questions! Thanks for reading!

Hufflepuff out! *cymbal crash*