Lumos! Happy Friday, everyone!

How are you doing? I got back from my trip a few days ago, and I’m back and settled at home.
I’ve been hanging out with my cat a lot, since I missed her tons.

Yesterday, I went to my first live recording for Swish and Flick. It was loads of fun, and I can’t wait to do it again!

A book I read recently is “One + One = Blue.” It was really great, and I love learning about synesthesia! If you don’t know, I’d describe it as someone’s senses getting mixed together. So synesthetes have specific colors for their letters and numbers. Others see certain colors when they hear something, and some people even taste things when they hear certain sounds! It fascinates me a lot.

Remember how I couldn’t decide on the cosplay that I was going to make? Well, yesterday I finally made up my mind! I’ve decided to make a Niffler cosplay!

I’m planning on going to a thrift store to purchase a dark dress and then buying some feathers to layer like scales on top. I’m also going to make a snout! I might post a tutorial when I’ve got it all worked out.

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When I was on vacation, I got to choose dinner one night, so I got the amazing Vietnamese food! We also got bubble tea, and I’ve decided that bubble tea is one of the most amazing things on earth. I mean, I even started searching for bubble tea decor! This website has the cutest stuff – Pearl Boba – Smoko Inc ( I want it ALL! Adorable.
Because of my new bubble tea obsession, I’m planning to make my own boba soon. I wasn’t able to get the tapioca flour I needed since the store didn’t deliver it, but I can’t wait to try it soon. It’s supposedly straightforward, with only 3 ingredients. I’ve also discovered that fruity bubble tea isn’t really tea, but more of a smoothie.

Thank you for reading! Remember to comment – I’ll respond – and share my blog with your friends! It’s pretty small right now, so I would appreciate the help.