Welcome to my new part of the blog, 7 Things! It’s basically a list of, well, 7 things! I’ve decided to kick it off with ways to celebrate pride this month, since June is pride month! *cheering*

7 Ways to Celebrate Pride this Month

  1. Donate to LGBTQ+ supporting charities.
    This is pretty basic but is definitely super useful. Donating will help the LGBTQ+ community, and it is pretty easy. Here are some places you can donate to:
  2. Hold a fundraiser.
    Similar to donating, but usually you’ll be able to give more money! I’m fundraising by selling art that celebrates Pride and giving 100% of the money to GLAAD. Win-win!
  3. Educate yourself.
    This is a great way to spend your time during June, learning all about LGBTQ+ and the history of it.
  4. Teach others.
    Similar to educating yourself, when you teach others, they gain important knowledge.
  5. Support LGBTQ+ owned Businesses
    When you support LGBTQ+-owned businesses, you get cool stuff from cool people! Bonus points if you can get items that “advertise” pride.
  6. Craft LGBTQ+ Themed Items
    This is a fun way to spend your time and exercise your creativity! You could make bracelets or paint flags on canvases.
  7. Be aware and respectful.
    Just be aware! Remember to ask for people’s pronouns, challenge hateful speech, and treat everyone equally.

Hope you enjoyed my first post in 7 Things!
Happy Pride!