How is your summer break going? I’ve been reading a lot. I also got a new page, Blog Buttons, up on my blog. Be sure to check that out!

When I went to my grandparent’s house last weekend, we watched some of a new movie called In the Heights. We still have an hour left, but it is so amazing! It has beautiful and energetic singing, as well as an amazing storyline and choreography. If you like Hamilton, this is for you! Not constant singing like Hamilton, but pretty close. Plus, Lin Manuel Miranda directs it and gives himself a role and solo song!

Something I saw the other day made me super happy – BeyoncΓ© made a directory of 100+ Black Owned Businesses! They all look super nice and I can’t wait to buy items from some of them. There are all sorts of categories!

Yesterday I made lemonade! I made a pretty normal lemonade and added some frozen blackberries. It was pretty refreshing and made me smile. So tasty!

Today I crafted some of these cute dancers. They are pretty cute. On my creating agenda, I want to make a pavlova (search it up if you don’t know it) today after I go to golf practice.

Thanks for reading! Make sure to comment and check out my other posts. Have you watched In The Heights? What are your thoughts?