Happy Monday, everyone!

It’s been super hot outside for the last few days, so we ran through the sprinklers and set up our water bouncy house. It felt really nice, and I love how it all screams SUMMER!

Today is the first day of the camp I do for Olive and Clara (sisters)! I’m doing a different theme each week, and this week is traditional camping.

Speaking of the outdoors – a few days ago, me and my sisters did our first geocache! It was pretty easy since I read the hint, but still really fun. I think we might to another cache today!

I’m really excited to enter 7th grade in September. I put together a visual list thing of quick hairdos I can do with my short hair before school!

Super quick 🙂

A few days ago, I made a pavlova! In case you don’t know, a pavlova is a meringue circle with whipped cream and berries in the center. It tastes super light and fluffy, and is a perfect summer dessert.

pavlova with fresh fruit topping on a marble and wood cake stand
Not my pic.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried geocaching? Make sure to comment with questions, debates, or more! I’d also love tips or post ideas.